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CORPORATEPAY system is a business payments platform that allows the corporate and business customers of the member banks & financial institutions (BFIs) for initiating digital payments from any of the accounts maintained at member banks. It allows the business customers to process real time payments through connectIPS e-Payment system and non-real time bulk payments through NCHL-IPS system, with all the necessary multi-user controls required for such business transactions.


CORPORATEPAY system is provided & hosted by Nepal Clearing House Ltd for its member Banks and Financial Institutions (BFIs).

Fund transfer, bulk transactions and various other service payments will be easy and convenient, yet it is secure and provides multi-layer authorization to complete a transaction for additional control. The transactions are processed without any intervention up to the limit assigned to the corporate by the respective member bank and the payments above the assigned limit will be processed with additional approval from the respective bank.:


Available Services:

• Interbank & Intra-bank Fund Transfers

• Salary Payments

• Vendor Payments

• Government Tax & Revenue Payments

• SSF, EPF, CIT Payments

• Creditor/ Service Payments

• Other payments



  • Single channel for multi-banking and multi-accounts.
  • Available on public and private network (for higher security and higher limits)
  • Secured with two-factor authentications and multi-user authorization to complete a transaction for security and controls.
  • Strong reports and reconciliation.
  • Flexible transaction limits that could be set by the bank. (transaction Limit may vary as per the respective member bank).  


How to Enroll?

  • Corporate needs to contact its nearest bank branch for further details and the process of enrollment.
  • Complete one-time enrollment process at the bank (normally enrollment form) with required supporting/ authorized documents and a list of authorized users.
  • Bank will enroll the corporate in the system, create users and apply authorization limits.
  • Obtain the login and other details through secured communication channel by each of the users.


List of Banks in CORPORATEPAY

Commercial Banks

  1. Agriculture Development Bank Limited
  2. Bank of Kathmandu Limited
  3. Century Commercial Bank Limited
  4. Citizens Bank Limited
  5. Civil Bank Limited
  6. Everest Bank Limited
  7. Global IME Bank Limited
  8. Himalayan Bank Limited
  9. Laxmi Bank Limited
  10. Machhapuchhre Bank Limited
  11. Mega Bank Limited
  12. Nabil Bank Limited
  13. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
  14. Nepal Bank Limited
  15. Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited
  16. Nepal SBI Bank Limited
  17. NIC Asia Bank Limited
  18. NMB Bank Limited
  19. Prabhu Bank Limited
  20. Prime Commercial Bank Limited
  21. Sanima Bank Limited
  22. Sunrise Bank Limited
  23. Siddhartha Bank Limited
  24. Rastriya Banijya Bank
  25. Kumari Bank Limited
  26. Nepal Investment Bank Limited


Development Banks

  1. Excel Development Bank Limited
  2. Garima Bikash Bank Limited
  3. Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited
  4. Kamana Sewa Bikash Bank Limited
  5. Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited
  6. Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank Limited
  7. Muktinath Bikash Bank Limited
  8. Shangrila Development Bank Limited
  9. Saptakoshi Development Bank Limited*
  10. Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited


Financial Institution

  1. Gurkhas Finance Limited*
  2. Goodwill Finance Limited
  3. Guheswori Merchant Banking and Finance Limited
  4. ICFC Finance Limited
  5. Manjushree Finance Limited*
  6. Pokhara Finance Limited*
  7. Progressive Finance Limited
  8. Reliance Finance Limited*
  9. Samriddhi Finance Limited*
  10. Central FInance Limited *
  11. Shree Investment & Finance Company Limited*
  12. Nepal Finance Limited
  13. Best Finance Company Limited *


Infrastructure Bank

  1. Nepal Infrastructure Bank Limited*