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Electronic Cheque Clearing (NCHL-ECC)

Electronic Cheque Clearing (NCHL-ECC) is an image-based, cost-effective, MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) cheque processing & settlement solution where an original paper cheque is converted into an image for electronic processing of the financial transactions between participating member Banks/FIs. The physical movement of the cheques are truncated or stopped at the level of the presenting bank in the NCHL-ECC System. The cheque does not physically travel to the clearing house or to the paying branch as it used to do in manual clearing process, resulting in a faster and easier processing of the cheque transactions.


NCHL-ECC currently supports cheques clearing of four currencies NPR, USD, GBP and EUR with presentment cut-off time at 14:00, paying bank response cut-off time at 15:00 and final settlement at 15:30 for standard (MICR encoded) cheques. Express Clearings and High Value Clearing are also available, which are of shorter durations.