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Express Cheque Clearing

Express NCHL-ECC is a special clearing session of short duration for cheque presentment, response from paying bank and NRB settlement. It has 2 hours window for presentment to final settlement thus allowing the Banks/FIs and their customers to present and realize their cheques faster.

Currently there are two express clearing sessions for four currencies NPR, USD, GBP and EUR. 1st and 2nd express sessions are available from Sunday to Friday.


Express cheque clearing supports clearing of cheques of up to NPR 200 million in case of NPR cheques and up to 2 million in case of USD, GBP and EUR cheques. The session timings of express clearing sessions are as follows:



1st  Express

2nd Express

Presentment Start  Time

10:00 AM (T)

11:00 AM (T)

Presentment Cut-off  Time

11:00 AM (T)

12:00 PM (T)

Reply Cut-off

11:30 AM (T)

12:30 PM (T)

Settlement Time

12: 00 PM (T)

13: 00 PM (T)