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High Value Cheque Clearing


High value electronic cheque clearing is a special clearing session for presentment of high value cheques of above NPR 200 Million to 300 Million in case of NPR cheques and above 2 Million to 3 Million in case of USD, GBP and EUR cheques. It is available from Monday to Friday. The session timings of high value electronic cheque clearing sessions are as follows:



Presentment Start Time

Presentment Cut-Off Time

Reply Cut-Off Time

Settlement Start Time

1st High Value Clearing

10:00 AM (T)

12:00 PM (T)

13:00 PM (T)

13:15 PM (T)

2nd High Value Clearing 12:00 AM (T) 15:00 PM (T) 16:00 PM (T) 16:15 PM (T)


Note: Late presentment penalty in NCHL-ECC Regular Session will apply from 14:30 PM till 15:00 PM, Late presentment penalty in Express and High-value clearing session will remain disabled.