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NEPALPAY QR is an implementing infrastructure of NEPAL QR (with specifications as published by Nepal Rastra Bank) to establish Domestic QR scheme for its participating members and ensuring inter-network operability for processing and settlement of QR transactions. It enables members for issuing and acquiring of the static, dynamic and gateway based QR for its merchants as applicable. Issuers and Acquirers are normally BFIs or PSPs and can use their own merchant management system or instrument provided by NCHL for controlling and generating multi-QR aggregation. Issuers or Issuer Networks will provide instruments to their customers to read/scan QR presented by Acquirer or Acquirer Network as creditor (beneficiary member or service provider or merchant).

Merchant Acquisition currently available through:
  1. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd.
  2. Himalayan Bank Limited
  3. Garima Bikas Bank Limited
  4. Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited
  5. Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.
  6. Everest Bank Limited
  7. NMB Bank Limited
  8. Sanima Bank Ltd.
  9. NIC Asia Bank Limited
  10. Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited
  11. Kumari Bank Limited
  12. ICFC Finance Limited
  13. Central Finance Ltd
  14. Goodwill Finance Limited
  15. Samriddhi Finance Company Ltd.
  16. Sunrise Bank Limited
  17. Focusone Payment Solution Pvt. Ltd. (MOCO Digital Wallet)
NEPALPAY QR currently avaialble in issuing devices of:
  1. Goodwill Finance Smart (Goodwill Finance Ltd.)
  2. mBank (Samriddhi Finance Ltd) 
  3. Sajilo eBanking (Sanima Bank Ltd.)
  4. ICFC Finance Smart (ICFC Finance Limited)
  5. MBL M-Smart (Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd.)
  6. HI-MB  (Himalayan Bank Limited)
  7. MEGA SMART BANKING (Mega Bank Ltd.), 
  8. KS iMobile (Kamana Sewa Bikash Bank) 
  9. EBL Touch 24 (Everest Bank Ltd.),
  10. CellPay (Cellcom Private Limited)
  11. Sunrise Smart+ (Sunrise Bank Limited)
  12. NIC Asia Bank Limited (MoBank App)
  13. connectIPS Mobile App (Retail Payment Switch)