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NEPALPAY Request is a Direct Debit Instrument (Pull Transactions) whereby a receiver can request for payment by generating a non-financial message which can be passed in any of the available channels from which amount is to be debited. Upon further actions (acceptance) of the sender further transactions. It can be event-based Request-to-Pay (R2P) for Person-To-Person Transfer where an individual can log into any digital payment platform (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Digital Wallets, connectIPS) and send request for payment to concerned person. Upon confirmations from the payer transactions will be further processed seamlessly. It can also be a recurring e-Mandate payment for a specified frequency and time period where standing instructions will be provided to the system of service providers. E.g. Service payments of ISP, Insurance, Investment Plans / Others can plan for e-Mandate auto debit and service renewal. NEPALPAY Request can also act as an Account Tokenization where the bank account can be linked to a particular payment platform and upon tokenization while performing any transaction from this account, an OTP code will be generated, upon its successful verification the transaction will be processed.