National Payment Switch (NPS)
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National Payment Switch (NPS)


National Payment Switch (NPS) is the core switching and routing mechanism that integrates various digital payment systems in the country and ensures the interoperability of such card and non-card based retail payments.


With the mandate and approval from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) to establish additional infrastructure for the establishment and operation of National Payment Switch (NPS), also included in GoN Budget plan (448) & NRB’s Monetary Policy (145), Nepal Clearing House Ltd. is implementing this national level project. This project has been divided into two phases for implementation and availability of services. In the first phase, the Retail Payment Switch shall be enhanced for enabling non-card based transaction interoperability through enhancement of existing National Payment Interface (NPI) and connectIPS Retail payment switch for routing and settlement of transactions along with establishing QR scheme. While in the second phase, NCHL shall implement interoperability of card-based transactions through the rollout of Interoperable Card Switch and Domestic Card Scheme for Nepal.  The major objectives of National Payment Switch (NPS) are outlined as:

  • Implement interoperable switch for cards transactions
  • Introduce national/ domestic card scheme (Nepal Payment card).
  • Upgrade retail payment switch/system to enhance interoperability of non-card retail transactions including QR.
  • Establish operating rules and procedures for the governance of NPS.
  • Facilitate and reutilize existing infrastructures already established by multiple stakeholders


Available Use cases under NPS: 





eMandate / Account Tokenization 

Service Interoperability (Biller Gateway)

PSO & Net Settlement