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National Payments Interface (NPI)


National Payments Interface (NPI) is the consolidated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of multiple payment systems hosted by NCHL or any other institutions built in an Open API platform concept. It currently provides access to NCHL-IPS system and connectIPS e-payment as underlying payment systems with the overlaying services built on top of the platform. It primarily supports push transactions with seamless integration to connectIPS for real-time instant payments and to NCHL-IPS for deferred credit payments.

NPI is being used as the central domestic rail for payment transactions and to be used by the alternate channels and/or overlaying services provided by the banks & financial institutions (BFIs) or other service providers. There are payment APIs and other aggregated service APIs to enable financial service providers (FSPs) for processing their transactions. The intended purpose is to consolidate multiple national payment systems into open API platform such that the payment infrastructures could be used by any of the service providers.

It has been subscribed by the participating BFIs for enabling their alternate channels including their mobile banking, internet banking, corporate channels and remittance systems. Other non-bank institutions like payment service providers (PSPs), payment system operators (PSOs), remittance companies, insurance companies, Government and Semi-Government institutions are also some of indirect/ technical members of NPI. The BFIs are on-boarded as direct members and others as Indirect/Technical Members with direct members as its settlement banks.

The transaction limits and all other operating procedures are as per that of the underlying core systems.