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Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) acts as a member of NCHL for clearing it's cheques; acts as a settlement bank; and also as a regulator. NCHL is guided and regulated by NRB. Following are the latest rules and guidelines prescribed by NRB for NCHL and it’s clearing services.


Rules & Guidelines:


               1. NCHL_NPS NEPALPAY Brand Guidelines_Ver 1.0_Nov2021

               2. NPS_NEPALPAY QR Operating Rules

               3.NPS- Retail Payment Switch Operating Rules

               4.NPS-NPI Operating Rule

               5. Operating Procedure for Settlement Guarantee Fund

               6.NCHL-IPS Operating Rule Book Ver1.0

               7.2071_72_For_A_,_B_&_C_Class--Circular_31-Non MICR Related-new

              8.2070_71-Circular_26-Ammendments on Cheque standard & Specification

              9. Ammendment to Cheque Standard Specification

             10.ECC Cheque Standard & Specifications

             11.Nepal ECC Operating Rule

             12.Nepal ECC Rule Book