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Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system supports the processing of high value and urgent transactions between the participating BFIs and for settlement of systemically important payment systems on net settlement basis. It provides immediate realization of funds and minimizes the settlement risk of the other payment systems. The central RTGS system is implemented and hosted by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

connectRTGS is an integration component for integrating banks & financial institutions’ (BFI) internal system with the RTGS system hosted by NRB. It is a gateway to enable the BFIs to initiate and process RTGS transactions. It has outward module to initiate outgoing transactions and inward module to process incoming transactions from RTGS system. It is integrated with the bank’s system to enable full STP for the banks in order to comply with the SLA of the RTGS system prescribed by NRB.

It has been provided to majority of the commercial banks and will be extended to the development banks and finance companies in the later phase.

Refer to RTGS Operating Procedure issued by NRB for business day schedule, limits and other details about RTGS system. Or contact your bank for initiating RTGS transaction or for further details. 


List of Banks in connectRTGS

Commercial Banks

  1. Agricultural Development Bank Limited
  2. Bank of Kathmandu Limited
  3. Century Commercial Bank Limited
  4. Citizens Bank International Limited
  5. Civil Bank Limited
  6. Global IME Bank Limited
  7. Himalayan Bank Limited
  8. Kumari Bank Limited
  9. Laxmi Bank Limited
  10. Machhapuchre Bank Limited
  11. Mega Bank Nepal Limited
  12. Nabil Bank Limited
  13. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
  14. Nepal Bank Limited
  15. Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited
  16. Nepal SBI Bank Limited
  17. NIC Asia Bank Limited
  18. NMB Bank Limited
  19. Prabhu Bank Limited
  20. Prime Commercial Bank Limited
  21. Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited
  22. Sanima Bank Limited
  23. Siddhartha Bank Limited
  24. Sunrise Bank Limited


Development Banks

  1. Garima Bikas Bank Limited
  2. Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited
  3. Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited
  4. Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited
  5. Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited
  6. Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited
  7. Saptakoshi Development Bank Limited*
  8. Shangrila Development Bank Limited
  9. Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited
  10. Tinau Mission Development Bank Limited*


Financial Institution

  1. Best Finance Company Limited*
  2. Guheshwori Merchant Banking and Finance Limited*
  3. ICFC Finance Limited
  4. Manjushree Finance Limited


  1. Nepal Infrastructure Bank Limited*