connectIPS is a faster payment system implemented as a standardized single payment platform for real-time retail payments. It provides multiple channels of web portals, mobile apps, payment gateway, and open APIs for initiating and processing transactions for the customers of the member banks and financial institutions (BFIs).

Customers can link multiple bank accounts within connectIPS and then use such accounts for fund transfers or service payments. The payment gateway of connectIPS is accepted as a major e-commerce portal, whereas the API of connectIPS is available in mobile banking of the majority of the BFIs and wallets of the PSPs for fund transfer, cash-in, or cash-out.  

Available Services

  • Online Fund transfer
  • Government Revenue Payments
  • Capital Market Payments
  • Mobile Wallet Top Up
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Creditor / Biller Payments
  • E-Commerce Payments
  • Various Other Services


  • Mobile App
  • Web
  • Payment Gateway
  • APIs

Download 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘤𝘵IPS on Your Mobile:


अब विभिन्न व्यवसायहरूले आफ्नो भुकानीहरू connectIPS मार्फत अनलाइनबाट संकलन गर्नुहोस् ।
Creditorको रुपमा आबद्ध हुन आजै आफ्नो बैंक/वित्तीय संस्थामा सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस्।