CORPORATEPAY system is a business payments platform that allows the corporate and business customers of the member banks & financial institutions (BFIs) for initiating digital payments from any of the accounts maintained at member banks. It allows the business customers to process real time payments through connectIPS e-Payment system and non-real time bulk payments through NCHL-IPS system, with all the necessary multi-user controls required for such business transactions.

Available Services

  • Interbank & Intra-bank Fund Transfers
  • Salary Payments
  • Vendor Payments
  • Government Tax & Revenue Payments
  • Social Security Fund (SSF) Payments
  • Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Payments
  • Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) Payments
  • Department of Customs (DOC) Payments
  • Creditor/ Service Payments
  • Account Statements
  • Other payments

How to onboard in CORPORATEPAY?

The institution can self-register at and then provide the necessary documents to the bank for completing the enrollment. The institution can link multiple operating bank accounts in the same CORPORATEPAY.

The interested entity may contact its bank or contact at [email protected] for further details for enrollment.

CORPORATEPAY system has been upgraded with additional payment services and features including online registration request for enrollment.