National Payments Interface (NPI)

National Payments Interface (NPI)

National Payments Interface (NPI) is the consolidated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of multiple payment systems hosted by NCHL or any other institutions built in an Open API platform concept. It currently provides access to NCHL-IPS system and RPS underlying payment systems with the overlaying services built on top of the platform.

It primarily supports inter-connection and interoperability for the participating members with seamless integration to RPS for real-time instant payments, to NCHL-IPS for deferred credit payments and access to all the instruments, services & use cases. 

Available Services

With NPI, members will have access to the underlying payment systems including NCHL-IPS, RPS, and its related instruments and/or services. The open APIs will enable the member for automating its payout (real-time, non-real-time) as a single transaction or bulk transaction.

  • Real-time payments
  • Non-real-time payments
  • Single or bulk payments
  • GoN and Semi-Govt revenue payments
  • Aggregated service and creditor payments
  • Link multiple operating bank accounts
  • Non-financial services as provided by the BFIs
  • Reporting and reconciliations

How to onboard in NPI?

The institution will have to be enrolled as an indirect or technical member through one of the BFIs as its settlement bank. The institution can link multiple operating bank accounts and can be managed or operated through a single NPI.

The interested entity may contact its bank or contact at [email protected] for further details and for enrollment.

Supports integration to the payment systems hosted by NCHL, for real-time instant payment through RPS/ connectIPS and for deferred payments through NCHL-IPS System.